Updated Wednesday March 9, 2016 by Kristen Lacasse.

When does the season start?
Practice starts the first week of August, exact dates will be sent early summer.  Practices are from 5:30 – 7:30PM at Flatley Field on Mondays-Thursday’s until school starts. The first game is usually the first Sunday in September. Once school starts, practices are held Tuesday and Thursday nights at the lower field at Milton High School. Saturday morning walkthroughs are held each Saturday as well.
Why does it start so early?
In order to protect the safety of our players American Youth Football (AYF) mandates that practice begin no later that the first week in August. This allows us to ensure that the boys get the proper amount of training before going into their first game. There is a considerable amount to teach the boys including stance, positions, plays, blocking, proper tackling technique, proper running technique, defensive schemes, etc…
In addition, American Youth Football mandates that we have 10 hours of practice without pads prior to the start of padded practice. These 10 hours is completed that first week. This means we typically only have 3 weeks to focus on blocking, tackling and scrimmaging before we meet our first opponent.

What if we miss the first week?
We HIGHLY recommend you not miss that week. Your son will not be able to practice in pads until they complete 10 hours of non-padded instruction. If it is imperative that you miss a week, we would prefer you miss one of the padded weeks. Keep in mind- if this is your kids first year playing- it will put them behind the other boys on the team. We will do whatever we can to ensure that they are up to speed but we will not play them unless we feel they are ready to play.  If your child is unable to attend the first week of practice, please communicate this with your coach.
Is there practice if it’s raining?
Yes. However, we will cancel or postpone practice if there is lightning or if the fields are so soggy that we feel the kids could get hurt.
How much does it cost?
The charge for Football is $325, Cheerleading is $225.  The money goes to paying for equipment, field use and maintenance, insurance and paying for refs.   The fee covers the uniforms, use of fields for practice and games, professional referees, as well as membership to the American Youth Football League and Bay State Conference.
When and How can I Register?
Registration runs from March 15th through April 30th.  
Parents can register their children on line by clicking the REGISTER NOW button page on this website.
What kind of documentation do I need to provide?
Full year report card
Birth Certificate
Parent and Player Code of Conduct
Complete Physical Form dated current CALENDAR YEAR.
Waiver and Release Form

What equipment is provided? What do I need to buy?
We provide helmets, shoulder pads, and game pants with built in pads.
Our helmets are either new or refurbished and recertified by the manufacturer.
You will need to buy a mouthpiece (we suggest 2 since your son can’t play if he loses or forgets his), a cup and football cleats. There are other items that are not required but that you may want to buy. Coaches will send info on these items to you prior to the start of the season (new chin strap, padded shirts, rib protectors, etc…)
Will my son play?
There is a mandated minimum number of plays for every player. Some will play more, none will play less (unless they are ill or injured).
What position will my son play?
That depends on their strengths as identified by the coaches. Everyone will have a chance to run with the ball and to tackle during practice. Over the course of the season we try to let any player that wants to run with the ball have an opportunity to do so in a game.
When are games?
Games are held on Sunday mornings, we play four games at home and four away. There is a playoff game for each team above the instructional levels.
Who are the Coaches for Football and Cheer?
We are committed to hosting a football and cheer program at every level, but we need your help! Please take the time to consider becoming a part of our group of quality coaches. We provide all the necessary information from coaching skills, assistance with game planning, daily drill agenda’s, plays/formations/routes, and instruction on how to implement these plans. We have a dedicated group of coaches that are parents and non-parents providing instruction and a quality environment.
If interested, please contact us via email at MikeD@MiltonJRWildcats.org.

I don’t know much about football or cheer, how can I help?
We always need volunteers to help out at games with the chains and/or play counts. Rest assured, our Team Mom we will reach out to you. As far as helping your player, we’ll give you some stuff to work on with them at the start and throughout the season. Playing catch with a football in the yard never hurts (remember, thumbs and pointer fingers together if it’s above the waist, pinkies together below the waist).
Why Should I volunteer?
Without the assistance of our membership it would be impossible for the children to have a successful season. We require that each family fulfill the obligation of providing four (4) hours of volunteer service. A few examples of the opportunities to volunteer are snack shack assistance, chain gang, play counter, team parent, apparel table, etc....
MJWFC also encourages all feedback and is looking for fresh ideas on how to improve.
What are the Age Groups?
Teams are determined by a grade based system.
What is the expected Code of Conduct?
We will be providing each player, cheerleader, coach, committee member and volunteer with a Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Action Plan to ensure that we all uphold the ethical and morale standards that our program requires. This requires mandatory participation.
Do you have any special events?
We host a year end banquet to wrap up regarding the individual teams; accomplishments.  Awards and praise will be offered to our players and cheerleaders.  Our cheer program also provides opportunities to compete with other local cheer teams.  We encourage all our program participants to take part and be there to cheer for our cheerleaders.

Is it safe to play football?
Yes. Keep in mind that with any sport, there is always a risk of injury. Our coaches are trained on the safest blocking and tackling techniques. While it seems natural to assume that collisions and tackling may be a bit more dangerous than standing in the middle of a field taking a penalty kick in soccer, keep in mind that the boys are outfitted with top notch protective equipment. We provide certified helmets, shoulder pads, thigh, hip, knee and tail pads and many players will also purchase rib protectors. The kids also must wear mouthpieces on every play (the refs and coaches make sure of this).

My child plays too many other sports, why should he/she play football?
Football is the most popular sport in America and is truly a team sport. We also have the luxury of living in the state with one the best professional football team in the world. Through the course of a season you can really see the boys begin to operate as a team.
The complexities of football also make it very interesting for the kids. After a play is called in the huddle, they must understand the play, understand what they need to do in their position on that play, line up in the proper position, ensure that they know the snap count and “go” at the proper moment, and then execute their responsibility on that play.