Zero Tolerance Policy

Updated Tuesday May 16, 2017 by Kristen Lacasse.

- Zero Tolerance Policy -

This policy is to inform the participants and parents of the Milton Wildcats Youth Football and Cheer Club program of our “Zero Tolerance Policy”. In recent years, we have all heard of unfortunate incidents occurring at youth sporting events and practices. The Executive Board of the Milton Wildcats Youth Football and Cheer Club program has given full discretion to all board members to enforce this policy. The following will not be tolerated:

  • Possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages, possession/use of illegal substances on the premises at any Association, League or Conference function, including home or away games, and practices or events where the children are present.

  • Protesting a game official, judge or Commissioners decision in an aggressive demonstrative manner, or any behavior which might incite negative, violent or aggressive fan involvement.

  • Use of abusive or profane language or actions at anytime at any Association, League, or Conference function.

  • Treatment of the program, board members, coaches, all children and adults while at any Association/League/Conference function with disrespect.

  • Any physical violence, or verbal abuse or harassment towards any parent, coach, official, board member or player.

    Failure to adhere to this policy may result in an incident report to Milton  Wildcats Youth Football and Cheer Club Board of Directors. Depending on the gravity of the incident, dismissal may be immediate for a participant or parent with the possibility of notification given to the local police departments and/or local recreation departments.

    We represent the Wildcats Youth Football and Cheer Program and should do this with dignity, honor and pride during all games, either at home or away. We thank you for your cooperation with this policy, and look forward to a positive, rewarding season of Youth Football and Cheerleading.